Mole removal  We have been performing mole removal procedure for many years.

We use 2 methods

(1) co 2 laser

(2) surgical removal.

Laser is quick n easy to perform and we are able to remove many miles within a short time. However for moles that are raised n larger , the risks of recurrence and scar formation are too high using laser removal and it would be better to perform surgical removal. So for these larger moles , surgical removal is a better option with lower risk of scarring . Surgical removal is itself not devout of scarring risk but if it is perform properly n recovery is smooth without any infection then this is an acceptable risk.  Moles are first numb using a cream and then an anaesthetic injection may be added on depending on the size n location before we treat them. There would be some downtime usually 5-7 days for the laser scab to clear or for the stitches to be removed . So only plan to do it when you are able to take the downtime