Did you know that there are cosmetic treatments that can be done so quickly you will only need your lunch hour?   Ready to find out about them? Then keep reading.

When you hear about Aesthetics treatments, you may think that you need to invest many hours of your valuable time to undergo one of them, but this is not totally true, many Aesthetics treatments can be done quickly and effectively even on your lunch hour. At Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic we are ready to help you look fresh and radiant and also to reinforce your self-confidence.

Some of our quickest and most effective Aesthetics treatment procedures are:

●     Mole removal

Some skin imperfections such as moles and warts are a cause for concern. Removing them is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for your health and self-esteem. Our professionals at Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic use a really simple and quick procedure to eliminate moles or warts.

●               Hair removal

Removing hair from some parts of our body traditionally is quite painful and annoying, one of its most unfavourable consequences is skin irritation. That is why laser hair removal has become one of the favorite options. It offers many benefits such as permanent hair removal. It is profitable, safe, and comfortable. If you want to enjoy all of these benefits visit our clinic Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic.

●     Botox

Botox was one of the first treatments used in aesthetic medicine. The use of botulinum toxin can correct crow’s feet, frown lines or forehead wrinkles. It is a quick and painless procedure, and you can start improving your appearance with a few sessions in your lunch hour.

●     Collagen implants

It is a cosmetic treatment used to correct effects caused by acne scars, trauma and aging. It is a clinically-approved treatment with many benefits for patients who chose to undergo this treatment.

If you are a very busy person for whom it has been very difficult to have an appearance improvement, you can choose one of these effective and quick cosmetic treatments.  Since your time matters and the way you look and feel also matters, this is the option you were surely looking for, with the guarantee of our professional team at Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic.

Remember you only need your lunch hour time. At Alaxis Medical & Aesthetic we are waiting for you.