How do you bail out the excess fats?


Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery, where subcutaneous fat is aspirated by use of a blunt canula attached to a vacuum pump. Liposuction involves vacuuming fat from areas including the thighs, love handle, tummy and arms, which have become increasingly popular among cosmetic surgery.

Please note that liposuction should not be considered as an alternative to losing weight but aim for body contouring. The suitable candidates for liposuction are people with specific area of stubborn fats, which is resistant to diet and exercise.

Newer method of liposuction involves melting / blending the fat first and then suction so that less negative pressure is needed during fat removal. The advantage is that there will be less trauma and bruising.

Imagine using a straw to suck on thick cream compared with foam. As it is easier to suck on foam, less energy is needed and consequently less traumatic to the body.

The liposuction procedure combines the use of  vibration in the form of powered assisted liposuction ( micro aire) . The goal is to achieve efficient fat removal.

In some cases we combination of techniques such as the powered assisted liposuction and RF  (Body tite) to provide effective body contouring.
After liposuction, the skin requires skin tightening and firming. Bodytite uses RF energy to treat from the inside out, thus directly heating the sub dermal and subcutaneous layers, which are the optimal target for skin tightening.


The procedure is performed with the patient awake. We then inject local anaesthesia in the form of tumemense anaesthesia.
After resting for about 1 hour, you would be good to walk and go home.

After procedure

Downtime is about 3-5 days. Most patients can resume work on third day. Bruising and swelling are to be expected post system. Patients may experience bruising of about 2 weeks and swelling of about 3-6 weeks to diminish completely.

You will be provided with a post-liposuction garment to be worn for 4 weeks, in the first 2weeks to wear about 20 hrs a day and subsequent 2 weeks to wear 12 hrs a day.

Post care treatment

Patients are required for post care treatments for further skin tightening and firming. We provide external radio frequency treatments for skin firming and laser to minimize scars. The post care starts after one month of liposuction.