Its happening women, Book a lunchtime special and have those unsightly thread veins removed in their lunch hour.

At Alaxis Aesthetics we are seeing more women in for a quick fix., demand for the ‘lunchtime legs’ treatment is up by 60 per cent on this time last year.

The demand can partly be explained by the glorious weather, with women who kept their legs covered up during last year’s soggy summer keen to bare all this year.

Demand for the ‘lunchtime legs’ treatment is up by 60 per cent on this time last year

Dr Donald Ng., who performs the removal of thread veins, said it is also proving popular with active grandparents who want to look youthful on days out with their grandchildren.

The technique, properly known as thermo-coagulation, uses microwaves to zap the unsightly veins  –  abnormally dilated blood vessels lying very close to the surface of the skin.

An ultra-thin needle which emits a microwave current is poked under the skin in the problem area. The heat produced causes the sides of the veins to stick together, stopping the blood-flow that causes the vessels to show up red or purple.

The half-hour procedure is carried out without anaesthetic and is said to be no more painful than eyebrow plucking.

Dr Donald Ng said: ‘You can come in in your lunch hour and have it done. You can do what you like afterwards.’ Multiple Sessions, costing less then a pair of jeans, could be necessary for the most stubborn veins.

Thread veins often occur after pregnancy or the menopause and tend to worsen with age. Although usually a cosmetic problem, they can signal a thyroid disorder.