Hair Transplant

As many as 40% of men develop balding in the forehead region due to changes in male hormones as one ages (above 40yrs old). Medications will reduce the rate of hair loss but it can only buy time, eventfully most of the hair that’s programmed to go will disappear. It is highly dependent on your genetics, so a good estimate would be to look at your dad’s hair state.

The concept is simple – Hair follicles from the back of the head is transplanted to bald areas in front.

Why does it work – somehow, hair follicles at the back of the hair is resistant to the hormone changes that cause the loss of hair follicles in the front. These evergreen hair follicles will last as long as you are alive and kicking. So this is a permanent solution.

The challenge – To get good results, we need to work like expert watch makers, treating the hair follicles carefully as we transplant each follicular unit (1-3 strands of hair) one by one to the new area. Its fine work that requires precision, dedication and care. At the same time, one also needs to be conscious of the time taken to ensure good health of the transplanted hair follicle for a high uptake rate.

There is currenly two main methods used to harvest the hair follicles.


We can do a large strip excision from the donor site. The strip of skin with hair removed is usually about 15 x 3cm. Its an effective and fast way to obtain grafts if there is a large team of cutters (ave 8-15) to work on the graft. But there will be a long scar and often times there is higher risk of wound infection and longer wound pain.