FUE Hair Transplant Treatment

Baldness is a disheartening problem for men and women across the world. As people of both sexes grow older, they begin to lose hair, and this can be caused due to aging, hereditary reasons, a disease called “Androgenic Alopecia“, hormonal problems and many more.

Stress, nutritional deficiencies, trauma, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and fungal infection are some of the other causes for male and female pattern baldness. FUE hair transplant is a type of medical treatment that is used to resolve baldness in both sexes.

Is FUE a Good Treatment For Male and Female Pattern Baldness?

Yes. In the U.S alone, around 40 million men and 30 million women of any age are impacted by male and female pattern baldness respectively. Around 25% men start experiencing balding by the time they are 30 years old. 2/3rds of them start to get bald by 60 years of age.

Multiple studies have shown that FUE can be an effective treatment for men and women who begin to lose hair at an unusual rate. It is essential that you get in touch with a good hair transplant clinic having an expert team and all kinds of infrastructure and equipment to execute the process.


What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is among the most modern and advanced methods that is used for hair restoration purposes. Over the last few years, this treatment has become very popular.

In this process, a circular shaped incision is made on the rear end of the scalp. Then, the follicle is extracted from the scalp and put over the bald spot. The follicle is taken from the person’s preferred spot and then transplanted on the bald region as a follicular unit.

Such follicles are placed in the bald areas. Experts carry out scalp tests to make sure whether or not they will be effective. This type of treatment needs multiple sittings or sessions, and patients have to go to a FUE surgeon’s clinic at regular intervals.

This is a painless and basic treatment for hair loss. The extraction of follicles is done with the help of accurate, customized micro-surgical tools that have a diameter less than 1 mm.

The transplantation is carried out under the effects of local anesthesia, when the extraction of follicular units is done from the donor spot. Such types of grafts are kept safe in a solution until the time the recipient spot is made ready.

The final step involves implanting such extracted follicles for making the hairline after consulting with patients.

This type of transplantation is extremely intricate, and needs special care and attention. The redness generally resolves in less than 1 week. As hair is extracted without any incision being made. Thus, there is just a small amount of discomfort after the process, which leads to a faster recovery.

Who are the Best Candidates for FUE Transplantation?

The best people who are candidates for such kind of treatment are those who have not yet experienced full baldness, or full depletion of scalp hair from the donor. But it is also possible when there is not enough hair on scalp for this kind of transplantation to be conducted.

Who are Not the Best Candidates for FUE Transplantation?

This type of transplantation is not suitable for patients who do are young, such as under 24 years of age. This is mainly because youngsters with pattern baldness are still devoid of hair, and FUE transplantation is not effective in such areas.

Those who experience natural action abnormalities, or have scar hypertrophy which are outstanding for unnatural propensity to scarring or do not find a good donor with quality beard, head or body hair, are not good candidates.

Those having ringlet follicles, such as in case of people from African descents, have to consult with physicians to know whether or not they are suitable candidates for this type of treatment.

What are the Top Benefits of FUE Transplantation?

During the process, there are no visible scars seen. Patients do not need to experience any type of swelling or inflammation following the treatment. The pain experienced with FUE transplant process is much less, even for those with minimal pain threshold, than transplantation.

Donor’s hair does not appear as if any hair is extracted from the scalp. In such type of technique, patient can obtain more hair after every grafting process. You can have natural hair lines. More natural looking results can be experienced.

In this method, no scalpel is used. As there is no operation or incision, there is no need for stitching.

It is an outpatient treatment and hence the patient can go home on the same day after the treatment. Patients do not have to experience any deep wound. During the process, surgeons do not touch any nerve bundle.

The procedure is conducted under the effects of local anesthesia and patients do not experience any pain sensations.

The process is fast and in only a few days, you will be able to flaunt thick and attractive hair. In most cases, after patients are treated with anesthetics, they suffer from just minimal amount of discomfort during the entire process.

There is only negligible or no scarring experienced on the scalp after the FUE hair transplantation method comes to an end.

After FUE Transplantation

Once the FUE hair transplant procedure is done with, the necessary directions are given to patients for taking shower, working out etc. The patient is also given mild painkillers, antibiotics, topical medicines etc, as required.

The wounds are found to resolve in only 7 days of carrying out of the process. Scabs tend to drop in around 14 days. The process of shedding continues until the 8th week, and the growth of new hair will begin in about 4 months.

The maximum results are achieved by the end of a year. The growth of hair will go on until 18 months. By then, there will be a thickening of new hair and it will blend fully with the hair that is already existent in that area.