Wrinkles occur in the face either from muscle contractions when making facial expressions or from depressions in the face that occurs with aging and loss of fat, ie. laugh lines (Nasolabial lines).

Lets talk about wrinkles that occur with facial muscle expressions. We classify them into forehead lines, frown lines and crow feet, etc. These wrinkles initially appear only when the muscle contracts – we call them Dynamic Wrinkles. However after several years of creating a wrinkle on the same area daily, the crease becomes deeper and stuck down. This is known as static wrinkle. Dynamic wrinkles due to muscle contraction can be effectively treated with Botulinum injections to relax the muscles. Deeper static wrinkles require fillers injections in addition to the botox injections.

Fillers are made of molecules (Hyaluronic acid) found naturally in the skin, which are responsible for the natural texture of your skin but manufactured artificially. With time these molecules become totally absorbed into the body. Fillers are therefore safe and effective but require 9-12 mthly top-ups. There are also newer safe permanent fillers made of other substances that last almost permanently such as Aquamid.

Botulinum injections are toxins injected into the muscles of facial expression usually on the upper face. They reduce frown lines, crow lift and forehead lines. In addition, they will also lead to a brow lift and a stretched forehead that suddenly appears ‘shinny’. The bright alert appearance is the goal of many patients.

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