The moment an Asian user decides it’s time to undergo a hair transplant graft, the first decision they’re going to have to make is that which involves the choice of the surgery – do they go FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

With more than one option of procedures available, users are simply spoilt with choice. But despite the different options available, it would come as a surprise to many that most Asian Men still opt for the FUE technique almost every time.

Why? Some may quip. Well, the answers aren’t farfetched. FUE hair transplant technique has remained the major choice of hair transplant in Asian men due to the series of benefits its offers and advantages it has over other forms of transplant.

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Minimally invasive

If you ask most Asian men why they prefer to go for FUE, I’m pretty sure that a good number of the answers you’ll get will revolve around the simplicity of FUE.

Since it is a minor intervention, performed in a single session and without any special or specific needs, FUE hair transplant can be considered minimally invasive.

And this is reflected in the fact that patients leave the graft facility quietly shortly after completing the process. Nobody takes you through a thorough surgical operation, and nobody wastes anybody’s time!

Invisible scars

Take it or leave it, many Asian men you find today investing in the FUE hair transplant procedure is doing so because he’s seen how much of a wonder FUE has done on many of his friends.

No scars, no marks, no side effects, everything just appears so perfect. Although the procedure does leave some scars behind, the receptor zones, when populated considerably remain covered, so that the incision to introduce the follicular unit remains invisible.

FUE involves the use of local anesthesia

Another obvious reason why Asian men prefer FUE hair transplant is that it offers them a quick recovery process. Not that they care to know how this happens, but they just love the simple fact that the recovery process is smooth and rapid, allowing them to walk home promptly.  This is made possible due to the use of local anesthesia in FUE.

Multiple donor areas

Another beautiful thing about FUE – and a further insight into why Asian men prefer it – is that it gives patients the opportunity to use hair from any part of their body.

Although using hair from the scalp is the norm, you can still choose follicles from the chest or beard if the need ever arises, which means that with FUE, you can always use an alternative donor area in case your scalp hair isn’t so populated.

Constant and instant result

Asian men love FUE because it gives them instant and constant results! Trust me; if you still haven’t made a decision about your choice of hair transplant surgery, this singular reason will convince you to join the league of the Asian men.

With FUE, your hair growth process is never going to stagnate, and you’ll never need a reason to spend periods hiding at home. Day by day, your hair will grow, and the difference will be so visible, even to the blind.

Feels so natural

After the completion of the procedure, most Asian men sometimes complain that they’re feeling the pain from the multiple incisions made on their scalp.

The reason for such pain is that FUE doesn’t make you lose your sensitivity. Although no one likes to feel this pain, it is only a testament to the fact that FUE feels so natural.

Once you recover from anesthesia, the recipient area will experience 100% sensitivity.