Liposuction of the tummy

This is one of the most challenging liposuction procedure. Its seems extremely easy as we only need to reduce the fatty layer so that the tummy is flat.

However to achieve this, we need to ensure even melting and suction of the fat, this requires skill and experience. We need to ensure sufficient skin contraction so that there is no excess skin layers. This is especially important in patients who have given birth before and have loose skin with lots of striae. In some cases, the only option is to do a tummy tug where a long incision is made and skin is removed.

To ensure good skin contraction and even melting of fat, we have introduced “Bodytite” RF assisted Liposuction that gives the skin contraction (up to 40% based on clinical trials).

Incision are made alone the waist and at the umbilicus. We will usually made 4 incisions in total, 2 on each side for the lower and upper tummy.

Post procedure: This liposuction is not very uncomfortable as we usually dont need to use our tummy muscles on a routine day. The tummy will still feel sore for 1-2 weeks.





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