Q & ACategory: GeneralWhat happens in a consultation?
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A consultation appointment is your time to talk about skin treatment options, including dermabrasion. You and your doctor will discuss whether dermabrasion is right for you, how much skin can be safely removed, and the amount of improvement you can expect as a result. Part of this frank conversation should involve potential risks and complications of dermabrasion.
At the consultation, you should tell your doctor everything about your health. Make sure the doctor knows if you smoke and has a complete list of any and all medications or vitamins you take on a regular basis. Don’t leave anything out. Smoking impairs wound healing and certain medications can increase risks associated with dermabrasion and impede your recovery.
You will also discuss what type of anesthesia will be used for your procedure. Dermabrasion is usually done under light sleep sedation, regional anesthesia, or sometimes local anesthesia with oral sedation. This decision is based on how large of an area is being treated. Sometimes we may use intravenous sedation for larger areas.