Q & ACategory: BreastI was wondering if i’m too old for breast augmentation?
Consultant Staff asked 5 years ago

I’m 49 years old and gravity and old age is taking affect. What do you think

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Consultant Staff answered 5 years ago

Too old for Breast Augmentation? More of a consideration than age is your health! If you are in good health, active, and in good mental spirits, age is not that great of a factor. For example, a person in their 30’s that has diabetes, high blood pressure, and constant neck pain would not be a great candidate. Another consideration is why you want breast augmentation. Having it done to improve your self esteem is one thing; but doing it for someone else is completely different. Every person is different in their motivations and situation. We have done breast augmentation on women in their mid sixties; but their mental spirit is still in their 40’s! If you’re interested, come on in for a complimentary consultation and we will talk about it,
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