Liposuction of the Thigh

We usually do inner and outer thighs as well as the outer, lower parts of the buttocks. We make an incision on the outer thigh on each side as well as another incision on the inner thigh. The incision on the inner thigh is hidden within the buttock crease so its usually not visible after surgery.

In most cases, we would remove 1-3 l of fat from the thighs and due to the restrictions on liposuction from MOH, we would do the entire liposuction over 2 sessions. This is actually a better way to do liposuction as liposuction of the thighs is usually rather painful and sore. The reason is because we still need to use our legs to walk and climb stair even after the procedure. When the buttocks are treated, you will also find sitting down sore. Therefore, doing the procedure over 2 sessions is much more comfortable for the patients.



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