Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder and in some countries, the standards are pretty high and specific. Singapore and its surrounding countries are no different and the standards are very so steep that an entire industry has been built to create that look that everybody is eyeing to get.

One particular aspect of that look is the jawline. Unfortunately for those with big jaw bones, the V-shaped face has taken the spotlight and there is no escaping this trend if you are from this country. Fortunately for those who know the look that they want, there is an easy way to get this facial shape, and that is the Korean Botox.

The Lovely V-shaped face

It is noticeable that in Asian TV dramas, most faces have that characteristic V-shaped face. This type of facial profile has become widely popular among Asian women.

But what exactly is the V-shaped face?

It is basically a slimmer oval shape that ends with a sharper chin, defining the jawline nicely. Such a look exudes femininity and youthfulness that the boys that is always a winner with the boys. It got its name from the sharper chin it creates. The women who are into enhancing their looks have discovered how it is able to drastically change their faces and have sought this treatment since it was introduced in the market.

Facial Sculpting for the V-shaped Face

To those who have learned the allure that a V-shaped face could give, the most popular way of getting it is through “facial sculpting.” As the term implies, the face is re-contoured to make it oval in shape, but slimmer and ends in the middle with a sharper chin.

Best Candidates

This technique is appropriate for women with a square-shaped jawline, which exudes manliness that women do not appreciate and those who were born with naturally chubby cheeks that make the face bigger than necessary. Chubby cheeks seem to look very unsophisticated in a society that is obsessed with slimming and excellent contouring. It is also great for those who suffer from bruxism, which is the involuntary grinding of the teeth.

The Technique

The first thing that one has to be acquainted with when getting the coveted “v-shape” is the muscle relaxant injection used called Botulinum. Aside from being a safe relaxant for jaw muscles, it also thins the chewing muscles called the masseter that is found in the lateral jaw.

Upon the injection of this muscle relaxant, the never impulses in the selected area are blocked which then affects the face in a very positive way. The fine lines and wrinkles that have become obvious are diminished. To give it that slimmer and chicer look, the cheekbones are made to look full and an instant face-lift is given. This makes the face lovelier and younger without really doing anything invasive to it.

The first step is for the professional and critical analysis of your face by the doctor who shall do it. Probably the most critical part because there are so many factors that make the face look wider and aged. Once the critical areas are identified, the Botulinum Toxin is injected into the side of the face or just below the jawline. To complement and maximize the effect of this toxin, the patient can get more fillers on the chin to make the v-shape more pronounced.

For those afraid of surgery

Though a lot of patients are determined to change the way they look at all cost, there are still some patients who are deathly scared of surgery. For such women, this technique is heaven sent because it shall do nothing invasive to their faces while getting the dream face that they have been dreaming of.

All it takes are a few injections on the selected areas for re-shaping and a numbing cream that should be applied before the treatment is given. Such is needed to prevent any inconvenience, discomfort or minor pain that can be experienced during the procedure. Even if it is non-invasive, the use of the smallest and really fine needles is necessary to inject the muscle relaxant. These needles are needed to minimize the redness that may occur, along with the bruising and bleeding on the facial skin. In fact, this is the only occurrence that can be considered as the side effect of the technique because real side effects hardly occur, if at all, and are considered to be extremely rare.

The Results

Like all patients who desire for a better face, everyone is eager to see the effects of the relaxant on their face and this technique will not fail them because they just need anywhere from 3-5 days to 2 weeks for the treatment to manifest on the skin. To see the completely re-contoured look, wait for the 4th week to arrive and dive right in that mirror.

First thing to notice would be the new V-shape that you came for. You shall notice a really sharper and more defined chin and the feeling is tremendous because it signifies the start of a new life for a lot of women who have wanted to be the better versions of their selves.

Upon closer inspection, the look of the skin becomes a lot smoother and it just makes the patient a lot lovelier than the former self. And Even if it is meant to relax the muscles, the other muscles shall never be affected so they will continue to function normally and your face will continue to give your signature facial expressions.

How Long Will the Beauty Last

As much as the patient would like the effects to stay forever, they can only last up to a maximum of 6 months from the time of the enhancement. Though this sounds discouraging, it is also a benefit of the treatment because this means you do not need to be stuck with your new look if for any reason you find it does not suit your taste. It is also comforting to think that if anything is done incorrectly, it would be very easy to rectify the mistake, making it really safe for everyone, specially those who are getting this kind of treatment for the very first time.

How to Maintain It

As previously mentioned, the effects can only last up to 3 to 4 months. Therefore, to maintain the new and beautiful appearance that your face and skin now possess, there should be more sessions after it. Such sessions would make the next period last up to 6 months and longer as you continue to get the treatments. This is the reason why your doctor shall advise you to get subsequent treatments. It is also pretty common for the doctor to schedule an appoint 2 weeks after the treatment is given. This is for the doctor to analyze the progress and see if there are any concerns that the patient may not be aware of.

Possible Side Effects

Even if they are extremely rare, there are some patients who have complained about temporary swelling, bruising, and discomfort on the chosen areas for the treatment. There are also some cases when dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing happens as well as upper respiratory infections, neck pain, and headache.

Original article from Advanced Beauty