Moles everything you need to know by Dr Donald Ng


Dr Nonald Ng of Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore will identify your moles by checking your skin. You may choose to make a skin examination a regular part of your preventive medical care. Talking about a schedule that’s appropriate for you. During a skin exam, your doctor inspects your skin from head to toe.

If Dr […]

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Dr Donald Ng treats blemishes and tags.

Treatments For Skin Blemishes

Skin tags are small skin growth protrude from skin. They can grow on any part of the body but more often grow on areas which have restricted movement.  Normally they are not contagious or painful. Most people are troubled by it’s unsightly appearance.

Skin tag removal can be very quick and pain-free procedure. […]

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Mole Removal in Singapore in your lunchtime

At Alaxis Aesthetics, we have a real enthusiasm for each and every patient. As part of a network of doctors locally and regionally, we are committed to sharing experience and expertise to improve our level of care and results.

We are here for you and your cosmetic concerns, providing clear explanations on all possible treatments. You […]

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