Hair transplant for women using FUE treatment, benefits, advantages and disadvantage

Dr Donald Ng explains


The subject of hair transplant has grown in a widespread popularity among the people. One of the most favorable methods of hair transplanting is FUE or follicular unit extraction. This method may be addressed with a more common phrase of follicular transfer or TF.

Subjects of this kind of transplant are best to […]

FUE Hair Transplant on Asian Women is different why.

Human has the tendency to take everything for granted until it looks good enough – including youth and health. That is why FUE Hair Transplant on Asian Women is different why. With the advancement in the field of health has made people achieve that was once impossible – natural looking hair transplant is one of […]

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Discretion is the word – Hair transplant for women in Singapore at Alaxis Aesthetics Hair Clinic

At Alaxis Aesthetics Hair Clinic “Mums the word” in female hair loss and hair transplants. This can have a dismaying or even devastating influence on a woman’s quality of life. So discretion is the word where Hair transplants for women are concerned in Singapore. Not least because hair loss is, often wrongly considered, a less […]