Semi-Ablative Laser

Semi-ablative Laser Rejuvenation

For a stronger treatment, we use laser carbon peel or fractional laser, these can lead to mild redness lasting 3-4 days. There would be more exfoliation and stimulation of collagen as it results in a semi-ablative rejuvenation. The results will be more impressive in a short time but you may have to bear with some redness and peeling for some days.

Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Laser Peel works by application of a layer of ultra-fine carbon particles on the skin. These carbon particles will concentrate some of the laser energy of the patented VRM mode Q Switch Nd Yag Laser on the skin surface and on the pores. Most of the laser still penetrates to the middle layer of the skin. You therefore obtain the dual benefit of surface exfloliation for clotted pores as well as the pore reduction and sebum reduction effects of the laser on the middle layer of the skin. This procedure works best for patients who can only take a very mild downtime of a slight sun-tanned skin appearance for 2-4 days and some light peeling. Its very good for clearing clotted pores, pore reduction and sebum reduction.

Fractional Laser

For an even stronger treatment, we can do the fractional laser treatment. The concept of a fractional laser is completely different. In this laser, the laser rays are split up into many many small rays. There are spaces in between these laser rays. On application, there are hundreds of very small laser rays falling on the skin with non affected skin in between the laser rays. Each laser is very small but penetrated deep into the deep dermal layer. Because there are non affected skin in between, the healing is very fast and downtime is much lower. Nonetheless, there are several types of fractional laser in the market with varying downtime and healing rates. We use such lasers mainly for pore reduction and pitted scar treatment.

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