Everyone is looking for the prefect reflection. Women and Men in Singapore and the rest of Asia all really have the same goals. Lighter, Slimmer, V shaped and healty looking face. So how do you achieve this prefection.

Fat Transplantation to Face

Fat can be used as a filler to enhance the face shape. As explained above, we can augment the mid face cheeks with fat to give a better 3D effect. In addition, we can also use fat to augment the lips, chin and the forehead. We are able to augment the chin, raise the forehead and give you a fuller set of lips. Fat is the safest filler as its natural and your own so there is no rejection. Fat also contains stem cells and these cells provide growth factors and lead to additional improvement of the skin.

Fat Harvesting

We can harvest fat from areas in the face where there is excess fat like the jowl or the underchin, but if we desire to augment more areas and need more volume, we will harvest fat from other areas in the body, usually love handles or outer thigh. This is unfortunately not like a typical liposuction as the amount removed is much lesser, only 10-20% of what we would usually remove in a typical liposuction. Therefore, you cannot expect the same amount of body shaping. The trauma from such a fat harvesting is also much lesser then liposuction so the expected downtime form the donor site is much lesser.

Fat Transplantation Dilemma

The main problem associated with fat filler is that not all the fat injected will survive. Usually about 50-70% of the face transplanted will survive. These survivor fat cells will last. The main difficulty with the procedure is deciding whether to transplant more then required in view of the 30-40% reduction or transplant just sufficiently. It takes about 1 –2 months for fat cells to settle, so if we transplant more, the patient will surely complaint of a swollen face for that period. But if we inject just sufficient, then they would be happy after 1 week when initial swelling of operation has settled but often complaint of insufficient amount after 2 months. In such cases, we advise that best thing to do is to do a repeat transplant after 2-3 months so that the patient does not have to bear with swollen face for 1-2 months, but there is an additional charge. For some patients, this is a better option.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

There are now many brands of Hyaluronic acid fillers – these are about the safest type of filling substance as they are substances that are found naturally in your skin. Just that we have found a way to manufacture it artifically. We use it all many parts of the face including the nose, chin, laugh lines and cheeks. Other then injection risk of bruising, there are usually no problems with such fillers. They however do not last forever, usually most last 6-18 months.