Permanent Nose Filler

There are several substances that can be used, but we have been using mainly “Aquamid”.

When it comes to safety and clinical trials, it comes on tops but its a rather costly filler. Nonetheless, we really don’t want any possible complications arising from the filler substance.

We have been using this filler material for 8-9 yrs now and with proper technique, this procedure is a joy to use for both the patient as well as the doctor.

The procedure is done under local anaethesia and topical anaethetic cream. The filler is injected to build up the bridge and also augment the tip. The result is natural.

We will inject just sufficiently eventhough part of the height increase is due to inflammation from injection / local anaethesia and usually 20-30% of it will go away in about 1 week. Patients come back for a touch-up at one week to get the final result. This is also a more cautious approach to getting a good result everytime.

Post procedure: In most patients there is not much bruising. In some patients there may be 2-4 small injection marks. Essentially, this procedure is done in a manner that has no downtime.






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