Non Surgical Rhinoplasty
Non surgical rhinoplasty is a nose job that as the name makes clear, is non-surgical in nature. Under this process, an injectable filler will be used to shape and change your nose but without any surgical procedure involved. As the following information will show, the process is not as complicated as surgery.

What Non Surgical Augmentation Does for Your Nose
What non surgical rhinoplasty does is fill areas of your nose so that it becomes smooth or the tip angle gets a lift. It has to be stressed that this procedure is designed to augment your nose so downsizing is not possible. In addition, the procedure is for cosmetic purposes only and cannot be used to correct breathing problems.

What the procedure does is raise your nose’s nasal bridge, increase the tip’s projection, and rectify the retracted columella. The process can also reduce the size of your nostril and enhance the anterior nasal spine. This non surgical procedure is also perfect for fixing saddle nose deformity brought about by an unsuccessful rhinoplasty.

Fillers Used for Non Surgical Augmentation
Different kinds of fillers are used today, and the type used will determine its duration. The most widely used are the following.

  1. Polymethylmethacrylate (Artefill) – this permanent filler is constructed from surgical beads. Inert and made of plastic, they are bundled with bovine collagen and are injected numerous times in several sessions.
  2. Hyaluronic acid (Voluma, Perlane, Restylane, Juvedem) – this is atemporary filler that’s good for up to ten months. Unlike other fillers available today, this has been scientifically proven to be non-allergenic and safe.
  3. Polyacrylamide gel (Aquamid or PAAG) – this filler is permanent and is widely used in Australia and many countries in Asia. However, this has yet to get approval from the US FDA.
  4. Liquid silicone – this is also a permanent procedure and can be used in the microdroplet method.
  5. Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) – this non evasive procedure is based on calcium and is good for up to 14 months. The drawback however, is that it is permanent and cannot be undone.

(Please note some of these procedures may not be available in Singapore at the moment)

Non surgical nose job

Pros and Cons
There are many reasons why procedures using dermal filler has proven popular with a lot of people, and mainly it’s because most of the time the process is reversible. If you went for Restylane or a similar process, you can have it reversed if the outcome isn’t to your liking. However, that’s only one benefit as there’s more.

No downtime required
More affordable
A stepping stone to surgery – with this you can decide if the work on your nasal bridge was sufficient or if surgery is needed.

There are cons however.

Not permanent
Doesn’t solve all your nose problems
Can’t make your nose smaller
While non surgical rhinoplasty has its limitations, overall it’s a good choice for those who want to get a nose job. Yes it’s true that it isn’t as versatile as surgery. However, it offers plenty and is a good choice if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative. If you decide to undergo this procedure, you should contact our office more a more in-depth consultants with Dr Donald Ng..