Mila, Syringoma And Wart

Small Lumps on the FaceCO 2 laser is also used to removal other small lumps on the skin i.e. syringomas, viral warts, milia, xanthelesma and sebeaous hyperplasia. It’s very often that the patient comes in telling that they have oil clogs. When we look at them, they will fall into one of the above catergories, but because they are totally different, we cannot treat them all like oil clogs and just zap them away. SyringomaThis is an abnormal skin lump filled with eccrine glands (these are sweat glands).

We receive the following questions all too often: Why we get them and why they are often found around the eyes, especially in the eye bag area? How to prevent them from recurring? Is the eye cream I am using causing this? The sad truth is that I really don’t know the answers. We can however use CO2 laser to burn them away. But because the skin around the eye is thin and these glands can go rather deep into the skin, it’s not an easy procedure. We aim again to remove as much of the glands cells while keeping the normal skin intact.

As the skin is very thin around the eyes, we have to be extremely careful not to burn too much and result in deep scars. There is a special technique to achieve this consistently and safely but it usually requires that we do it over two sessions. The 1st session to clear most or all of the lumps and the 2nd session to make sure that those small fractions and deep part of the gland are allowed to resurface and be eliminated.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

These are circular lumps and they look very much like whitish creamy donuts just under the skin. It can occur in any part of the face and they are formed by collections of sebaceous glands – these glands produce sedum, a.k.a oil, so its not oil collections but oil glands. We can use CO2 laser to remove them quite effectively. Again as before, the aim is to remove as much oil glands as possible while keeping most of the skin cells intact. There is also a special technique that allows us to remove the gland with little trauma and very low risk of scarring and fortunately, it’s a one time procedure.


Milia is a collection of oil / sebum that has hardened over time resulting in a small firm to hard oil seed. To remove this is extremely easy when using the CO2 laser, we basically make a small hole on the skin creating a small passageway for the seed to be expressed out with slight pressure. As the amount of skin burnt is very small, healing is very fast but there will be a very small scab that takes 2-3 days to clear. This is a very fun and rewarding procedure as patients are very delighted to see the stubborn white lump disappear almost too magically. The risk of scarring is also very little. We can’t understand why anyone needs to live with such thing anymore.

Viral Warts

Warts appear like many tiny lumps of flesh stuck on the skin. The surface is slightly pebbled if examined closely and they grow over many years on any part of the face, neck, armpits, etc. It’s caused by a skin virus and spread by long-term physical contact from person to person. Most patients give a very surprised look when we tell them that it is transmittable. It’s very common and often after treating one partner the other partner comes also. It also seems to run in families. Fortunately, we can very effectively use CO2 Laser to burn it away. As the wart is very superficial, the depth burnt is not deep and the resulting scab clears in 2-3 days. There is usually very little redness or risk of scarring and therefore it’s a treatment that is extremely rewarding for us to provide.