Liposuction Calf

This is a procedure that is done when there is more fatty deposits in the calf then muscle. This is usually hereditary in nature, not that we know of a specific genetic cause, but that many of our patients tell us that its the same for many of their family members.

These calves do not come with a protruding muscle that gives an egg like shape, but rather the entire lower leg is enlarged evenly. When the patient stands on tip-toe, the muscle silhouete is only slight highlighted.

We are able to use liposuction methods to melt and remove these fat. However, the challenge is to achieve this evenly.

Post-operatively, this procedure is usually very painful and patients need to rest and not walk too much for 5-7 days. This is the main reason why we do not like to perform this procedure. Otherwise, its a safe procedure and also the only option for many patients who have no other option to reduce their calves.