in 2001 there was another approach which was offered to patients with hair loss. Rather than taking a strip out and closing the skin with sutures as in FUT, a small punch was used to remove the grafts from the donor area one by one. At first this was hailed as a near miraculous procedure. One that would replace the strip method and open hair transplantation to everyone because even the most timid of patients could certainly tolerate the removal of skin that measured no more than about 1mm. Right ?

FUE did not really live up to its hype. While it was billed as a “non-invasive” procedure that did not leave much scarring and produced results every bit as good as the FUT procedure the truth finally came out that in fact FUE did not grow as well as the FUT procedure, did not look as thick or as natural, left far more scarring, and damaged the donor area considerably more than an equivalent sized FUT procedure ever could.

Despite this reality check, FUE Hair Transplant procedure did find its place in the hair transplant industry. If nothing else it served patients who simply could not allow themselves to undergo a strip harvest for emotional reasons but who were willing to accept it’s disadvantages. So for patients who visited during consultation where it was found that the patient could not undergo a strip procedure the FUE option might be considered and offered.

How ever since 2001 the techniques based on the FUE Hair Transplant method of harvesting hair folliculars have come along way. Now starting to live up to the hype of the early days. The FUE Hair Transplant procedure is one of the most popular forms of Hair transplant procedures carried out at Alaxis Aesthetics Hair clinic in Singapore.

Dr. Donald Ng said He was certain gradually strip harvesting will become obsolete.

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