Hair transplant is becoming popular with modernization and technology advancement. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are using this strategy to get their hair back. In the surgery, they agreed to transplant someone’s hair on their head. There are many techniques and methods to transplant hairs, and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most popular techniques among them. The following article will help you to understand what FUE is and how it works. 

What is FUE?

FUE is a natural and incredible phenomenon to transplant hairs, which is painless and harmless to the skin, unlike most of the hair transplant techniques. 

FUE hair transplant technique includes skin canals, mean holes in your skin. Basically, these canals are the pathway for hairs to come out of your skin. Surgeons during the hair transplant, slightly open these canals and plant hairs in them. It is a natural and straightforward method, just like planting a tree.  After the surgery, the hairs start growing, and the baldness ends.  

Who can get benefits from it?

People go to doctors for a hair transplant without knowing that FUE is useful for them or not. The following points will discuss the people who can use this natural hair plant technique. 

  • People whose hairline goes backward can get benefits from FUE surgery. Nowadays, most people face this problem but don’t know about the solution and how to deal with this issue. FUE surgery is the best treatment to deal with a backward hairline problem. 
  • The most prevalent issue these days is hair loss. FUE hair transplant surgery is the best option to deal with partial hair loss problems. With the help of surgery, you will not only get your hair back but also your handsome look. 
  • FUE surgery is also very proficient for people with balding hair.  Most people have already got the benefit and got rid of the balding hair problem through FUE surgery. If you are also facing this problem, then FUE surgery is the best option as a treatment. 

How is it done?

Everything is done with proper steps, and the procedure, same in the case of the FUE hair transplant surgery. If you don’t follow these particular steps, you can’t get the desired results. You have to follow and complete all the steps to get your purpose of FUE hair transplant surgery. 

FUE surgery starts with the collection of grafts. The grafts are removed from the patient’s skin by a skilled and expert technician. The technician collects these grafts without allowing any pain to the patient. 

After the collection of grafts from the skin, the next step of the canal starts. Surgeons open the holes enough to plant hairs in your skin with the help of specific apparatus. Surgeons broaden these canals or holes because the hairs can’t be inserted in your skin in any other way. 

After broadening the holes, the last step is the plantation of hairs in those holes and closing the canals. Surgeons plant the roots of hairs in the canals and then close them. 

After this, the surgeons give some advice that you have to follow to get the desired results. You need to follow these guides to your recovery time. The most common guides that the surgeons give to their patients are not to go office for 3 days, not to wear a cap for 3 weeks, don’t work out for 3 weeks, and don’t swim for at least 3 weeks. 

Benefits of FUE

The following are some of the most important and beneficial features of FUE hair transplant surgery. 

  • It is a 100 percent natural, painless, and harmless hair transplant technique. 
  • The technique includes the latest technology to transplant hairs.
  • Specific equipment is used to open canals. 
  • 88 percent of success rate after the transplant 
  • There will be a guarantee that no loss of transplanted hair for a lifetime. 
  • There will be no scars left after the surgery recovery time. 
  • There will be no loss of sensitivity 
  • The hairs will always keep growing

What should you expect from FUE?

Some people get confused about the after happening of hair transplant surgery. To be honest, there will be some type of changes but they will be temporary and will not affect your physical or mental health. You don’t need to be worried about changes that happen to you within 3 weeks because these changes have no severe and dangerous effects. 

You can see redness on the scalp (skin of your head excluding the face) for a week or hardly for two weeks. Don’t worry; this happens because surgeons transplanted hairs in your head after opening the canals or holes with handles (equipment). The redness will be temporary and will not affect your body.

You may also feel that some of the transplanted hairs are shedding, and you may also get worried because this is the thing for which you transplanted your hair. Don’t worry about the happening of this because instead of these hairs, the new will come, and you can face the shedding of hairs for the first 6 to 8 months. I know it’s a long time but don’t worry, it’s normal and will show results soon. 

You will also feel that the transplanted hairs are not growing as fast as your natural hairs. Don’t panic about this problem; it is part of the recovery process. The growth will be slow for the first six months, but then it will be normal as per your natural hair. 

Final Verdicts

The above discussion has described all the things happening during and after the surgery. FUE hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular surgeries nowadays, and we are providing hair transplant services in Singapore. So, if you live in Singapore or want a hair transplant, you can contact us, and we will provide you with our expert surgeons with years of experience in hair transplant surgeries. So, you can also enjoy the unlimited benefits of FUE hair transplant surgery and can also recover your handsome look, which has faded away due to hair problems.