Facial Fat Redistribution

Aging process and Fat Redistribution

In the process of aging, the face undergoes several changes. One of the principle changes would be the location of fat in the face. In a young face, fat is distributed more evenly over the entire face. With aging, fat is loss in the mid face cheeks, tear tough and the forehead especially in the lateral sides (temples). Fat however accumulates in the eye bag area, over the lower cheeks creating jowls and in the under chin area / neck area. This together with sagging skin leads to a dropping effect on the lower cheeks and development of deep laugh lines – also know as the nasolabial fold.

Fat Harvesting and Facial Transplantation

We like to remove fat from areas that are heavy and transplant them into areas where there is deficient to return the face to it’s youthful shape. This is known as fat redistribution. Basically we harvest fat from the jowls and the under chin areas and transplant them to the mid face cheeks to give a more 3 D effect to the face and also fill up depression like the nasolabial fold and the tear tough. This is done under oral sedation and local anaethesia. Using small incisions under the chin and under the ear lobe, we introduce small cannulas to remove fat and transplant them to other areas. This is a delicate procedure and need to be done with a lot of care to achieve as little swelling and bruising as possible. Nonetheless, you can expect slight swelling and bruising for 3-4 days, most patients go back to work after 2-3 days.