Facial Liposuction

This is especially useful for patients who have heavy facial cheeks and jowls, they have more fatty deposits then usual and if we want  to do any lifting procedure, these heavy and fatty deposits get in the way.

We use oral sedation and local anaethesia to perform the procedure. 2 small injection from the ear lobe and a small injections under the chin are used to introduce a small cannulae to melt and suck the fat under the skin. This is a safe procedure but requires a high level of care and gentleness to reduce the risk of bruising.

Post procedure, there may be swelling for 3-5 days. Most patients go back to work after 3-5 days. There is usually not much pain involved.

We like to combine this procedure with one that firms or lifts the skin as one of the side-effect is a loose and sagging skin. We have also used laser or ultrasound assisted lipo to melt the fat and shrink the skin.

In addition, we have started using facetite – internal RF to tighten the skin from inside and develop a facelift effect.

Necktite / Facetite

In addition to removing fat via liposuction, a common goal is to ensure good skin contraction. Other then performing a neck lift by removing excess skin and doing plication of the plastyma – we have started using necktite. It is a internal RF probe that allows for much better skin contraction then simply liposcution without the more downtime / invasive manner of a neck lift.

This can also be used on any part of the face – aka Facetite for a more skin contraction and lifting.

Bodytite – RF assisted Liposuction

Vaser – Ultrasound assisted Liposuction