Treatments For Skin Blemishes

Skin tags are small skin growth protrude from skin. They can grow on any part of the body but more often grow on areas which have restricted movement.  Normally they are not contagious or painful. Most people are troubled by it’s unsightly appearance.

Skin tag removal can be very quick and pain-free procedure. Removal of skin tags is not available under Medical Insurane. Dr Donald Ng at Alaxis Aesthetic Clinic in the center of Singapore, use very effective technique for skin tag removal.

It is quick, effective and with very minimal or no scarring.

Procedure can be done on the day of consultation.

Skin blemishes and growths including moles, cysts, warts and skin tags can leave you feeling self-conscious about the way you look.

Moles develop with age and its removal is a commonly requested.
Dr Donald Ngs aim would be to remove the mole cells completely otherwise it will recur within 1-2 months but at the same time not cause so much tissue damage that the skin is unable to recover resulting in a hole.

If the mole is flat ,small and shallow , we can use a CO2 laser to burn away the mole cells in such a manner that there is sufficient normal skin cells left to grow back.

But if the mole is raised and larger , the base of such moles tend to be very deep covering almost the entire thickness of the skin. In such cases , laser removal will either cause a deep scar or be unable to clear away all the mole cells.

We can only use surgical method and cut the mole away , then stitch back the skin. There is going to be a scar for sure in this case but would it be better to get a thin linear scar instead of a hole?

Alaxis Aesthetics provide safe and effective treatments in an infection free environment at our modern clinic.

The actual treatment depends on the blemish and its size. Treatment options include Radio surgery (using radio frequency waves) & Surgical removal as minor operative procedure.

All our staff are trained and highly experienced in this area and we’ll talk through the treatment options during your consultation.