Dealing with Depression

Depression can be tough, especially if you’re clinically depressed. Either way, when you’re feeling down it’s difficult to function normally in your everyday life. Here are a few tips that will hopefully pick your mood back up:

  1. Find a hobby. Sometimes finding something that really stimulates you and gets you excited can distract you from whatever’s making you feel depressed. After getting really immersed into something for a long time, you may even be able to look at what’s depressing you from a different light and feel better about it. It can be a lot of fun, too, if you get a friend or family member to join you.
  2. Get organized. Sometimes when you’re down, you feel like staying in bed all day and being completely unproductive. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody has those days. But after a while, all the responsibilities you’ve neglected pile up and looking at the workload can depress you more. So try managing your time and organizing things so that the task of managing your tasks doesn’t seem too daunting.
  3. Indulge in sweets once in a while. It’s good to treat yourself to something that you like that may not necessarily be the healthiest thing for you – especially when you’ve done something you can be proud of. Have a bar of chocolate or a tub of ice cream once in a while. Whatever floats your boat. Just remember: always in moderation.
  4. Make positive changes. Do things to yourself that make you feel good. Try that haircut you’ve always wanted. If you want to try breast augmentation, go ahead! (Find out more about that here: Ask out the person you like. Who knows? You might be even happier with the results.
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