Dark Eye Circle Laser Treatment

We have been treating dark eye laser using laser for several years now and it’s not an easy treatment. It’s challenging because we need to use a variety of lasers to get results and that need to be customized to the individual. We have been able to achieve 60-70 % improvement after several sessions but a complicating factor seems to be the lifestyle of the patient. Late nights and long hours of work on the computer are the main culprits in patients who seem to benefit lesser. The combination of lasers used include: Q Sw Nd Yag laser, Pulsed Dye laser, KTP 532 laser, Fractional laser and long pulsed Nd Yag laser. There is currently no gold standard treatment.

The aim of the laser treatments would be to:
1.    Reduce upper and deep dermal pigmentation – by using pigment lasers that work superficially as well as deep.
2.    Thicken the skin over the eye bag area – reducing fine lines as well as hiding vessel coloration under the skin.
3.    Reducing superficial blood vessel size and number – using lasers that target blood vessels.

We also use fillers to reduce tear tough depressions or eye bag operations to remove fat or skin. Fillers used can be hyaluronic acid or autologous fat. The concept here is to reduce the depressions or bulges under the eye so as to reduce the shadowing the gives one the appearance of a dark eye circle. In other words, we are treating the shadowing in these techniques and not the actual dark eye circle. Lasers mentioned above are treating the actual coloration that gives the dark circle.

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