Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are stronger treatments compared to Micro-dermabrasion. There is a range of strength that one can do peelings, you can experience very mild redness to slight peeling 3-4 days later to severe peeling for 1-2 weeks. Patient will have to expect peeling of the skin depending on the strength of the peel. There are superficial (Glycolic acid peels), medium (TCA peels) and deep peels (Phenol). These treatments penetrate into different depths of the skin. In Asians, we do not recommend doing medium or deep peels. We develop a lot more downtime and side- effects from such peels. There are also a lot of better alternatives to medium and deep peels. In Alaxis, we do mainly superficial peel and only on selected patients. The best are patients who need a peel.

A lot of acne patients with lots of clotted pores and comedones benefit from a peel. These are done over a series of 3 peels with increasing strengths from very mild peeling to moderate peeling 4-5 days later.

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