Fat graft is a natural filler and can be used in any part of the body. Applying it to the breast where augmentation is desired while at the same time achieving  body sliming on other parts of the body seems like an ideal solution.

It is overall a smaller and less invasive procedure compared to breast implants. Even though it is not able to give as much augmentation as breast implants (breast lift) can, we are still able to achieve almost 1 cup size increase.

Miami Fat Grafts

This technique is pioneered in Miami Florida by Dr Roger Khouri and there are now severalUS surgeons performing this procedure with good reliable results. The concept is rather simple – we harvest fat from other parts of your body – usually from places you want to reduce e.g. tummy, love handles, outer thigh and then reinject these fat cells into the breast through small injection needles.
For many years, this technique was not very successful as there was poor uptake of the fat.

However the MIAMI breast fat augmentation technique has overcome these problems with up to 70% uptake of the grafted fat cells. The key to this success was the concept of preparing the ground (breast tissue) for the seeds (grafted fat cells) so that they can begin quickly to live in the new tissue. This has been achieved by using external expander, BRAVA.

See below the illustrations.

1. The concept is rather simple – we want to inject fat cells from your body into the breast and want them to happily live on there.

2. The solution that has been gaining good success in the US has been to externally expand the breast with BRAVA 1st then inject the grafted fat. Need to prepare the ground for the new fat cells.

3. The diagram below explains that external expansion increases tissue space in the breast so that it will be able to house the new fat cells.

4. In summary, after external expansion with BRAVA, the recipient breast is enlarged because of enlarged tissue space, this allows the injected fat cells to happily take up residence in the new location.

In addition to this, special precautions taken to handle the fat cells gently is also of utmost importance. Earlier concerns about abnormal calcifications post breast fat grafting has also been overcome by doing pre and post procedure MRI or mammograms. The benefits of this procedure is the excellent texture and feel of the breast and the elimination of post implant contractures / implant rupture and torsion. There is also almost no scar as there is no incision but only injections. The procedure has the usual risk of any minimally invasive procedure i.e. infection, bleeding, bruising abet lesser.

All these illustrations and pictures are courtesy of Dr Roger Khouri and obtained with thanks
from www.liporecon.com.

What results can I expect ?
It would be able to increase about 1 cup size
How long do the results last ?
50-70% of the fat grafted survives long term but we have noticed patients coming back to top up after 3-4 yrs.
Am I a suitable candidate ?
Most patients without any medical conditions as well as no medical problems with the breasts are suitable. We also need to check if there is sufficient fat in the body areas that can be harvested.
What happens immediately after the procedure ?
The breast will feel swollen and heavier than usual, it settles down in 1-2 months.
Is there any downtime ?
You will be able to go back to work after resting 1-2 days.
Any post treatment protocols to be followed after the procedure ?
After the procedure, you are recommended to wear a sports bra for support and only start exercise 2 weeks after. You are also recommended not to have vigorous movement of the breast for 3-6 months.
Is it safe ?
Yes, generally safe but there is risk of infection, bleeding, hematoma, fat cyst formation.