Many Asian men and women do not believe BOTOX is for them because they don’t have wrinkles, but BOTOX isn’t just for smoothing away the signs of aging. There’s another use for it that many Asian people will be interested in – facial contouring and slimming.

Facial Contouring and Slimming with BOTOX

Asian men and women highly desire the V-shaped face. The V-shape eliminates puffy cheeks, double chin, etc. By doing this, the face looks less round and more of a letter V shape.

Asians have a more rounded face because of where fat deposits around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. While this prevents wrinkles, it’s what keeps them from having the more coveted face shape.

If at this point you’re thinking removing fat is the answer, don’t worry; that’s not the route you’ll need to take. BOTOX and fillers can help slim and contour the face for that V shape.

How It Works

BOTOX (botulinum toxin) relaxes the jaw muscles, which causes the chewing muscles to become thinner. As BOTOX blocks nerve impulses, cheekbones elongate, and the face is lifted to make the top part of the V.

BOTOX treatments only take a few minutes, and it takes approximately three to five days to see the maximum effects from it.

How Long It Lasts

BOTOX is not permanent. The facial contouring and slimming effects last up to three to four months when treatments first begin. After a few treatments every four months, the results can last longer (up to six months), so patients can wait longer in between treatments.

Recovery and Affordability of BOTOX

BOTOX treatment is a non-surgical option for altering facial appearance. It only takes a few minutes to recover if there are any side effects, which is rare. Most of the time, people new to the treatment may see some redness or slight bruising at the injection sites.

BOTOX treatment is simple and doesn’t require a lot of office time, nor does it require aesthesia like surgery, which is why it’s much more affordable. The results are temporary, so repeat treatments are necessary, but most people prefer it to surgery.

BOTOX: Not Just for Women

While women were the first ones to seek BOTOX to achieve beauty ideals, the number of men seeking BOTOX is growing. Society has been changing in the way they view the aging effects in men. While people used to see older men as the ones with the most wisdom that should be admired and treasured, it’s now believed younger men hold the key to a future of fortune. Older men are trying to keep up with the younger ones by preventing and improving the way they look to others, and BOTOX treatment is one of the first ways they do it.

Also, younger Asian men are more likely to seek BOTOX treatments to slim the face to compete with other men who may naturally have the V-shape or have sought BOTOX treatment. This competition is what has led to a significant increase in Asian men seeking treatment.

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