Blood Vessels and Veins

Facial blood vessels (Telangiectasia) are a result of sun exposure as well as aging. In some cases, it can result from prolonged use of vitamin A topical creams. It’s common for beauticians to exclaim that the skin is thinned when they see these vessels. On the contrary, these vessels do not tell us if the skin is thick or thin. They occur as a response to sun exposure and aging. They are effectively treated by either using a Long Pulsed Nd Yag Laser, Yellow Laser  or the KTP 532 Laser. There is minimal risk or downtime when using such lasers.

Leg Veins

Leg veins are due to excessive pressure in the legs, usually resulting from prolonged periods of standing up. We can use lasers or injection (sclerotherapy) to treat them. We find sclerotherapy a safer option. There is less risk of scarring and hyperpigmentation unlike laser treatment for leg veins. Usually 2-3 treatments sessions are required with little downtime. The concept is very simple – these veins are non-essential and develop due to excessive prolonged high pressure in the legs. Sclerotherapy works by injecting medications directly into these vessels that cause the vessel wall to collapse and close up. After a couple of injections most of the larger vessels would be gone but if the high pressure in the leg persist, new vessels will appear. So eventhough the treatment is straightforward, the primary problem needs to be addressed.