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DR. Donald Ng – 12 Tips of Xmas 2019 -Why is your hair is falling out.

And how we can stop it ... Firstly, there are different types of hair loss, genetic and reactive… Genetic: There’s ...
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Alaxis Medical Aesthetical Treatments for that prefect look

Having a beautiful face and a radiant complexion which doesn’t show irregularities and lack of firness is the dream of ...
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FUE Hair Transplant in Singapore for Asian Women

Hair Transplant in Singapore Asian Women Human has the tendency to take everything for granted until it looks good enough ...
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BOTOX for Asian Men and Women

Many Asian men and women do not believe BOTOX is for them because they don’t have wrinkles, but BOTOX isn’t ...
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Hair Transplants FUE or FUT which one is for you.

Hair Transplant Hair loss can affect the scalp or the whole body. It very well may be the consequence of ...
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FUE – Should you believe the Hype

in 2001 there was another approach which was offered to patients with hair loss. Rather than taking a strip out ...
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What results can I expect if I used FUE treatment at Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic

Doctor Donald Ng and the staff at Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic have helped countless patients achieve a full and natural head ...
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Mole Removal by Doctor Donald Ng.

Mole removal We have been performing mole removal procedure for many years. We use 2 methods (1) co 2 laser ...
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FUE hair transplant techniques used in Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore.

FUE hair transplant techniques in Asia Hair restoration surgery is one of the most common method in cosmetic surgery procedure ...
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Hair Loss & Hair Transplants by Donald Ng MD

Overview Hair loss is among the things that could occur to individuals, regardless if you are male or female. Hair ...
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Hair Transplant in Singapore

Hair transplant became popular in Singapore in recent years, partly driven by improvements in results and partly because of increased ...
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The treatment for hair loss and the procedure of FUE Technology to treat it, is always evolving.

Our FUE procedure uses High Density Hair Transplants, this has always been in the forefront of proven medical technology and ...
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Fue hair treatment in Singapore

What is FUE? FUE Hair transplant in Singapore is available for men and women. FUE stands for (follicular unit extraction, ...
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