Having a beautiful face and a radiant complexion which doesn’t show irregularities and lack of firness is the dream of everyone. Unfortunetely, a lot of factors such as ageing, skin disorders, sun and even heredity can leave bad signs and a cause a loss of definition in the oval shape.

Face is the first thing you see in a person and is like a business card, so it is very important to have a young appearance.Every year thousands of people ask for a face lift procedure, and are satisfied with the result.

At Alaxis Aesthetics we all know how it is important for our customers to look young and rediscover the healty glow of skin. Our medical equipe provides the best modern skin resurfacing methods, in order to treat all kind of damages (fine lines, wrinkles, spots, scars…).

These methods take advantage of the most modern medical aesthetic techniques and are specific for each aera of the face, including upper lip and around the eyes.

After a consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon, our medical equipe will choose which is the best type of treatment for your skin concerns. Among the skin rejuvenation and resurfacing techniques we provide:

There’s no need to worry about side effects; all these rejeuvenating methodes are safe, effective and less invasive than you can think.

Resurfacing Methods – Dermal Fillers

A Dermal filler is one of the most common method of skin resurfacing and it consists on injecting compounds aimed to improve skin contouring.

The result is less skin in excess, more muscle firmness in the jaw line and more definition in face shape.

Botox is for example a non-surgical and effective method which is used to reduce a nonsymmetrical or disproportionate jaw line due to the enlargement of the muscles of mastication (this is common if you tend to grind your teeth overnight).

This fillers could be a temporary solution for everyone who would like to smooth face contour and get the perfect V-shaped face they are dreaming of.

Botox is injected into the enlarged muscle, which progressively reduces in size. The procedure usually lasts three to four months, but results improve with every treatment.

Non-invasive face lift

If you don’t like injections, a face lift alternative to botox is Radiofrequency. This method helps smooth the skin surface taking advantage of heat.

The treatment is performed with a device called FDA Thermal Cool System, which is gently pressed against your skin in order to deliver a pulse of radiofrequency energy.

During the pression, the external layers of the skin are cooled, while the internal ones are deep-heatend. The result is the stimulation of the production of collagen and, as a consequence, a smoother skin.

This Thermage treatment provides the same advantages of a common lifting, without having to resort to surgery. This method should be repente every year, even if some patients reported improvements lasting 2-3 years.