As one ages, volume is loss on the face – the temples and the cheek area ( tear tough and red indian lines and nasolabial lines). By incorporating the latest breakthroughs in aesthetic science, Dr Donald Ng head of Aesthetics in his Singapore Clinic is now providing a procedures that can achieve an entirely fresh, more youthful facial appearance. It’s called “Total Rejuvenation.”

  • The temple volume loss, makes the skeletal shape of the eye obvious.
  • The cheek areas 3 separate lines together makes one look more hagged and aged.
  • The tear tough line is just under the eye bag area.
  • The red indian line is in the middle of the front cheek.
  • The nasolabial line is what most call laugh lines and its from the side of the nostril down to the corner of the lips.


Erbium Laser Skin Remodeling

Erbium Laser Skin Remodeling delivers laser energy in a specialized “dot matrix” pattern that leaves areas of untouched healthy skin “in-between” areas that are treated. The results are the removal of age spots, discolorations and wrinkles with a quicker healing time and superior effectiveness.


We can use hyaluronic fillers to fill them temporarily. Its easy and quick to use hyaluronic fillers, they come packaged in 1ml syringes and we can add as we see necessary. They last usually 8-12 months.
If there is many areas to fill, then the cost of each syringe builds up as we need to use 3-8 of them.

In which case, it may be useful to consider fat grafts. With fat grafts, the material injected is harvested from own body thus essentially, the amount to fill is not a limit. We usually inject 30-50mls of treated fat all over the face. The drawback is that only 50-70% of the fat survives, the benefit however is that those fat cells that survive last almost permanently. In practise, we find that patients come back after 3-4 yrs to repeat another session. Nonetheless, fat grafting is a procedure where fat has to be harvested before it can be injected. Thus, downtime and risk is higher then injecting hyaluronic fillers.

Miami Fat Grafting

Structural Fat Grafting is a procedure that restores facial volume to areas such as the cheek or lips. Using his Miami Fat Grafting procedure, the aesthetics can use a naturally occurring substance that will never be rejected by a patient’s body — his or her own fat — usually taken from the thigh, hips or abdomen. Oftentimes, the fat is combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma – taken from the patients own blood and containing natural growth factors to promote faster healing).

There is no question that one’s own fat is ideal for soft tissue augmentation. The results are the most natural appearing, but the best part is the potential duration of survival of the grafted fat. Fat transferred through Miami Fat Grafting actually gains its own blood supply in its new location, which allows the material to fill out sunken areas of the face for a very long time.”

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