What You Need to Know About Facial Aesthetic Treatment


Fall is the beginning of a season full of celebrations. We all want to put our best face first, whether we’re attending or hosting, and while you may have considered a facial aesthetic treatment, you may be unsure which one is right for you or what’s involved in treatment. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about facial aesthetic treatments to confidently choose the Right treatment for you.


Botox is used to temporarily treat frown lines, crow’s feet and laugh lines around the lips, eyebrows and eyes. It works by temporarily reducing muscle activity at the site of injection, resulting in a visible smoothing of the wrinkles in those areas, which can last up to 4 months. Treatment typically takes no more than 10 minutes, and you’re able to return to your normal routine immediately following your appointment. Botox has also been approved to treat Chronic Migraine, which is defined as 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting at least 4 hours.

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