A time when the ideal of Eastern beauty was considered an elegant geisha with a soft face features in the past. Today, more and more Asian women tend to become the owners of European appearance. Big eyes, light skin, narrow cheekbones, and a sharp petite nose – these are the features you dream of modern Asian beauty.

Statistics: Asian women get plastic surgery more often European women, reports Rus.Media. What they fix and how to look after plastics — see in our collection.

Europeanization century

Never wondered why the heroes of Japanese cartoons have such large and expressive eyes? The answer is obvious: it is about these wide open eyes dream Asians. And all because a distinctive feature of the structure of their eyes is a skin fold on the upper eyelid, scientifically- epicanthus. Removal of the folds is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Asia.

Які пластичні операції роблять східні дівчата?

As a student, Liu was terribly complexed because of his natural eyes, a flat nose and narrow forehead. But an experienced plastic surgeon returned to the girl self-confidence: with implant Dr. Liu changed the shape of the chin, had two operations for the correction of the eyelids, and rhinoplasty.


The second most popular plastic surgery in Asian rhinoplasty. The main reasons why girls come to the plastic surgeon: short tip, too wide wings and “saddle” nose (with a heavily sinking back). Experienced surgeons solve all these problems once or twice: fuse nose piece fill the implant and form narrow through small incisions.

Які пластичні операції роблять східні дівчата?

Aspiring singer Jang Sher was convinced that only a new look will help her to achieve recognition and love of the public. With the help of a plastic surgeon girl got rid of a bump on the nose, changed the shape of the eyes and increased cheekbones. But after that career went uphill — history is silent.

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Cheekbones reduction

Another specific feature of Asian appearance — large “heavy” cheekbones. And therefore very popular among Asian girls is the surgical reduction of the jaw. The procedure is quite complicated, as it requires grinding the bone tissue and affects the jaw, and the recovery lasts about six months. But Eastern girls do not scare it, along with the cheekbones reduction, they often even ask the surgeon at the same time to align the upper and lower jaws.

Які пластичні операції роблять східні дівчата?

This young girl was employed as an estate Manager, but his career “wasn’t working”. Then she decided to change the appearance: plastic surgeon reduced her cheekbones, had a rhinoplasty and fixed the shape of the chin. What happened next is history is silent.


Another common aesthetic problem, which apply to plastic surgeons Asian girls — curvature of the legs, which is characterized by O-shaped or l-shaped structure of the legs. This problem is solved by cruroplasty: the surgeon makes an incision in the popliteal crease, then puts under the connecting shell muscle silicone implant.

Які пластичні операції роблять східні дівчата?

Breast implants

Know what plastic surgery is the most popular among women all over the world? Of course, breast enlargement! Asian girls can all agree that every year more and more Oriental beauties become the owners of lush, seductive forms.


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