Nose Sutures have been developed by Prof Serdev from Bulgaria. It could be found in the net under the name of Serdev Sutures.

The concept is actually rather simple. In normal surgical rhinoplasty, sutures are used to shape the nose tip and the base in addition to other procedures done. What Prof Serdev did was to invent and investigate some techniques to allow one to make these sutures externally without making any skin incision. So, we make injections to allow the sutures in to transform the nose tip and base.

However, in the past year, we have done several cases and found that the results are not as lasting as a proper rhinoplasty. In place of this procedure, we now perform mainly closed rhinoplasty using ear cartilage / extended septal graft and suture methods to create tip refinement and projection.

Nonetheless, serdev nose suture technique remains interesting abet for this short lasting effect in our limited experience. It continues to be presented in several international meetings by Prof Nikolay Serdev. I have been trained personally by Prof Serdev in Bulgaria but I guess I didn’t master it well.


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