Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery Singapore Helps Many With Precision Care 

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Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery Singapore Helps Many With Precision Care 
Singapore, November 2017: Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery Singapore is getting a lot of attention for their latest work with people of who need cosmetic procedures in Singapore. The medical clinic is starting to […]

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ACNE and Acne Treatment in Singapore

Acne treatment
There are only three things you really need to remember.
Acne is due to the mess-up of the piliosebaeous gland. This gland is like a bag that produces oil (you may call it sebum if you like to be medical sounding). So acne occurs when there is too much oil being produced, the opening of this […]

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Listen to what our top Consultant has to say on Pulsed Dye Laser

What does the treatment involve? 

At Alaxis Aesthetics we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible; most patients like to lie down, depending upon the area being treated. Both the patient and staff will be wearing protective eyewear. When treatment begins, the laser will be calibrated and the parameters will be set, based on the […]

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A profile of Donald Ng

DR DONALD Ng, who runs Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery, has worked and trained with prominent doctors in Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and the United States, and is more than qualified to provide good advice to our readers.

With a great interest in cosmetic medicine, the physician is proficient in new methods of liposculpturing and […]

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Surgical Hair Transplants – FUE

Revised pricing on a decreasing scale: 500 grafts : $3.5k ($7/graft) , 750 grafts: $5k ($6.3/graft), 1000 grafts: $6k($6/graft), 1250 grafts: $7k ($5.6/graft), 1500 grafts: $8k ($5.33/graft)

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Doctors in Aesthetic Practice are Welcome

Doctors interested to develop in Aesthetic Practice. We are looking for you. Contact us for a discussion.

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Fractora – Fractional Handpieces

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