Buccal fat pad removal

In some cases, the fat deposits are not found below the skin in the subcutaneous layer, instead these patients have a chubby cheek eventhough the face is generally skinny. The fat deposits of these patients are found in the buccal fat pad, which is a collection of fat found between the buccal muscle and the masseter jaw muscle. This collection of fat can be easily removed by making a small incision about 1 cm inside the mouth and gently teased out once the buccal fat pad capsule is opened.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure and with very little down time. You may expect slight swelling for 1 day but generally no bruising or dramatic swelling such that you will be able to resume work almost the next day.

In some patients, we would have to do both procedures – facial fat removal from under the skin (liposuction) and removal of buccal fat pad to achieve the results we desire.

We may also have to consider the sagging skin component and do a JJ threadlift or thermage to provide a lift of the skin to achieve optimal results.





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