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Botox and Facial Fillers

As we get older, the skin loses essential proteins which include collagen and elastin, which can be needed to keep ...
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Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore

 Thank you for taking the time to explore the website. Alaxis Aesthetics in the center of Singapore is a exclusive ...
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Hair replacement procedures for women in Singapore

DR DONALD Ng, who runs Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery, has worked and trained with prominent doctors in Singapore, Thailand, ...
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Doctor Ng of Alaxis Aesthetics of Singapore explains why fat cells dont return after CoolSculpting?

Doctor Ng Expains . Question: Do fat cell return after Coolsculpting.  Q. Hello, I was wondering if fat cells are replenished ...
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4 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty before Cosmetic Procedures, By Alexic Aesthetics of Singapore

How To Enhance Your Natural Beauty Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk out of the house with ...
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How Do We Remove Tattoos at Alaxis Aesthetics of Singapore

How Do Lasers Remove Tattoos? Lasers work by producing short pulses of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top ...
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Think you know your own skin. Answer these 8 Questions and get a Free Consultation at Alaxia Aesthetics

Most cosmetics are safe if you use them correctly, but there are some areas in which you should exercise caution ...
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Looking to get Hair Transplants in Singapore Dr Donald Ng explains FUE

FUE Hair transplants in Singapore, are now very common. With this been said, clients should do move research. Finding the ...
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Black Don’t Crack? Asian Don’t Raisin?

We are different, so naturally, we age differently. —Getty Images Searching the Internet Today found this article which I would ...
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15 Natural Ways To Maintain Beautiful, Youthful Skin

There may not be a fountain of youth, but the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent ...
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The Wonders of the V-Shaped face in Singapore using Botox

Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder and in some countries, the standards are pretty high and specific ...
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Acne Laser Treatment – What to expect.

Laser treatments are the fastest way to deal with scars and hyperpigmentation left behind when acne heals, but can also be beneficial for inflammatory acne ...
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Q & A

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Ask Dr Donald Ng A Question

Thinking of having some Costmetic Surgery work done on yourself , or looking for a answer for a friend. Please ...
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