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Interesting facts about hair

As far as we know, the most important function of scalp hair today is its role in social relationships. Well-groomed hair is an asset in our personal lives, in our jobs, and in helping us feel good about ourselves. Less important today is the role of hair in protecting the scalp against physical injury, heat […]

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Pre-Operative Instructions for Hair Transplantation at Alaxis Aesthetics in Singapore

Four week before surgery

Perform the Scalp Stretching Exercise Maintain an adequate length of hair (about one inch) on the back of your head. Your donor grafts will be removed from here and you should expect coverage following your procedure.
Please inform the doctor regarding drug allergy.

Two weeks before surgery

No Rogaine or Minoxidil.

One week […]

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What to expect after your FUE treatment at Alaxis Aesthetics hair Clinic in Singapore

In Asia, up to 63% of men and up to 40% of women will suffer from hair loss in their lifetime, with the most common form being male or female pattern baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is a hereditary condition that is passed down through family genetics and can begin as early as […]

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The Stem Cell Hair Transplant Using Regenera Activa Will Change the Future of Hair Regrowth

The procedure
A stem cell hair transplant was successfully performed by Italian researchers in 2017. And in early 2018 Alaxis Aesthetics hair clinic in Singapore was one of the first to introduce the procedure to clients in Singapore suffering from going bald. Dr Donald Ng MD owner of Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore has done alot of research […]

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Integrative and Medical Treatment Approaches for Alopecia in Men and Women including Stem Cell Therapies.

Treatments for hair loss represent the second largest segment of aesthetic procedures performed in the United States.  There are over 70 million Americans that suffer from hair loss and hair miniaturization with of 20 million being female.  The new treatment options for alopecia, PCOS, and endocrine system changes allow for the reversal and correction of […]

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Say Goodbye to Blackhead

Unsightly blackheads, enlarged pores, and acne troubles will all lead to even more skin care woes in 2018. Why not vow to make this the year to finally say goodbye to blackheads, and welcome in clear, smooth skin?
Depending on one’s skin care needs, there are two potential routes to smoother, healthier-looking skin: intense pulsed light […]

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Its here autologous suspension (from the same individual) skin cells” to regenerate the scalp

We are proud to highlight a new technique based on capillary regenerative therapy to combat hair loss. It is using an “autologous suspension (from the same individual) of skin cells” to regenerate the scalp. This technique is called REGENERA ACTIVA.

Regenera is a tool specifically manufactured for clinical application of regenerative procedures using tissues obtained from the patients themselves.

In each treatment,patient […]

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What best for ME in Singapore FUE or FUT- Alaxis Aesthetics Clinic Dr Donald Ng Explains

FUE or FUT Hair Transplant

Patients considering hair transplant surgery will often come across the terms FUE or FUT during the course of their research and wonder how to decide whether an FUE or FUT hair transplant is the right choice for them.  At HRBR our surgical team perform both FUT and FUE hair transplants so our answer […]

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Alaxis Aestheics Clinic – Prevention is better than the Cure. – 10 Foods to Eat Regularly for Beautiful Clear Skin

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Can eating health foods help Hair Growth in Adult men and women?

Many people want strong and healthy hair, especially as they grow older.

Interestingly, your hair grows around 0.5 inches (1.25 cm) per month, and 6 inches (15 cm) per year. How fast it grows depends on factors like age, health, genetics and diet.

Although you can’t change factors like age and genetics, diet is one thing you […]

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